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Beil-Didier, Founded in 1914, Focuses on Service to Families

Since it’s beginning, Beil-Didier Funeral Home has been on the cutting edge of change to bring better service to the community and surrounding area.

Founded in 1914 by L.A. Heuer, the business has gone through its third major building project, each time starting with a clean sheet of paper to design a facility that better meets the needs of those it serves.

In 1923, the first facility was built by Mr. Heuer. As was common in that era, the undertaking business was run in conjunction with a furniture business. When Mr. Heuer realized that his current facility, the old Henry Wilke building located at 40 S. Main St., Clintonville, was not large enough to accommodate his clientele, he built a new three story building next door. Showing furniture on the first level, while operating his undertaking establishment, from the second and third levels.

By 1938, with the growth of both businesses and the trend for wake services being conducted at the funeral establishment instead of in the home of the deceased, it was clear that the community would best be served by a funeral facility completely separate from the furniture store.

For nearly six decades the facility built by Leonard and Harold Heuer with business partner, Walter Sievers on the corner of 10th Street and Lens Court stood as a cornerstone of the community where friends and neighbors had come together to show they care.

In 1977, the business and properties were purchased from Heuer-Sievers by William Rhodes and Richard Beil and became Rhodes & Beil Funeral Home. In 1988 Mr. Rhodes retired and sold his interest to Richard & Barbara Beil. They also operate other locations at 207 S. Main St., Marion, and 127 Cedar St., Tigerton.

In 1995 a new facility was built at 299 S. Main Street in Clintonville to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. “It was our way of returning something to the community to show our appreciation for the trust that they have placed in us for all these years,” states Beil.

Mr. Robert Didier joined the team in 1996, when his wife, Lynn, and their son, Dustin, settled in Clintonville. In 2000 Rhodes & Beil became Beil-Didier Funeral Home.

The new facility is modern, convenient and handicapped accessible. It is built on one level with no stairs, steps or ramps. The parking lot is large and well lit. The front lobby serves as a conversation area away from the main chapel and welcomes guests with a comfortable fireplace. There is a luncheon room available to families for simply snacks during a visitation ranging to a complete catered meal for after the service.

The goal of Beil-Didier is to offer all the services a family might need. They offer traditional caskets, vaults, and accessories. There is a cremation room that offers urns, cremation and rental caskets, and urn vaults. Choices and options, in a wide range of prices, give the families the ability to personalize the service for their loved one. Didier adds, “No two services are the same, every life is unique."

The funeral home staff prides itself in assisting individuals when they desire to pre-plan for their own funeral. An individual is able to simply put their wishes in writing, or if they desire, to pre-pay for the selected service. Many people take advantage of this service ahead of time. The funeral amount may be sheltered with an irrevocable trust using a certificate of deposit with your local bank. Burial/final expense insurance may also be used to fund a service, with the advantage being that there are a wide variety of payment plans and tax advantages.

“We emphasize caring for families after the death,” stated Didier. Each year since 1996, Beil-Didier has hosted a Christmas Remembrance Program for the families that they have served from the previous year. A minister from the area participates to give support to the families and a candle is presented to each family in remembrance of their loved one.

The focus of Beil-Didier is service. Our philosophy has always been "Our Family Serving Your Family", stated Didier. “At the time of need, pre-need, or after the funeral, we have always worked hard to return our time and talents to this community and the surrounding area.”